Walkthrough - Dark Souls 3

My Dark Souls 3 walkthrough has begun! Part 1 is an overview of what starting class I recommend choosing, where to get an amazing weapon very early on, the Uchigatana, and where to find a Raw Gem to dramatically boost your Uchigatana's damage.
2:25 Defeat Iudex Gundyr
5:15 Get the Uchigatana
7:58 Allot Estus Flasks
8:39 High Wall of Lothric Bonfire
9:10 Sprint to the Tower on the Wall Bonfire
10:45 Find the Raw Gem

Part 2 shows all the hidden items in the Firelink Shrine (coming soon...)
Part 3 will begin the "proper" walkthrough, showing all hidden items and killing all enemies! 

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