Tips & Tricks - Dark Souls 3

8 tips FROM Software neglected to include in the manual for Dark Souls 3!

►1) Hold DOWN on the dpad to instantly switch to the first item on your belt (down arrow on keyboard)
►2) Use quickstep to sprint through deep water swamps. Even when your FP is at ZERO, you can still use the quickstep skill. The Shrine Handmaid at Firelink sells a dagger with quickstep for 300 souls
►3) When you are using a bow or the binoculars, you can zoom in further by pressing up on the dpad (up arrow on keyboard). VERY handy for sniping with the bow
►4) Mimic Chests - Chain facing the wall, you’re fine. Chain facing YOU, you’re screwed.
►5) You can sell souls to the Shrine Handmaid for the same amount of souls as consuming them
►6) The jumping strong attack is easier to pull off in Dark Souls 3 than Dark Souls 2
You can press forward and heavy attack simultaneously, OR strong attack while sprinting
►7) You can press the Left Stick in (or X on the keyboard) to sort your weapons and armor
►8) There’s a 10 second window after killing a boss where you can switch to the Covetous Silver Serpent Ring and still get the bonus +10% souls for killing the boss 

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